Grief and pain can be caused from many different traumas. These traumas can include loss of a loved one or loss of a furry family member. The breakups in many forms including that of friendship.  Divorces of lifelong partnerships.  Moves within a city or across a continent. Job changes, physical changes, mental health changes. Losses of trust in one’s government, or healthcare system, or in humanity itself. A loss of belief in hope and in oneself.

What they all have in common is best said as such:

“Loss and change hurt our being: Our deep core self is impacted.” Jeff Archambeault

No two people react exactly the same to a similar trauma:

“Death and Life changes and disorients us: All is turned upside down.” Jeff Archambeault

When we break our cars, we take them to the mechanic’s or auto-body’s shop for repair and restoration. Where do we go when there is suffering of a broken heart? Who do we turn to for guidance and help when our sprit crashes?

Processing our conflicting feelings alone is hard and isolating. There are other paths, ones where one on one counseling is available, or counseling within a group setting, or via web meeting.  Explore the possibilities for closure and moving forward in life.

Navigating the profound, confusing, and complex process of grief is easier with experienced support with specific steps.  Reach out to a support group near you. If you don’t know of a place, call your local hospital or health center and ask for a contact number.

You are feeling your grief in a unique way, but you are not alone in feeling grief.

Your Grief Matters
~ The Grief Recovery Method®

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